We have a lot of experience in this sphere The contacts we have established all over the world allow us to perform any request in the shortest time, strictly observing the requirements regarding documents and transportation of both sending and receiving party.

Highly qualified professionals in the field of international insurance, international law and air transport work with us.

Алианс 2001 ООД:

  1. Our company maintains good business relations to all world’s leading airlines .
  2. We have the possibility to specify the respective destinations round the clock and seven days a week.
  3. In case of need we organize charter flights for evacuation of victims and deceased person from any place in the world.
  4. We dispose of specialized vehicles for hospital and funeral transportation.
  5. Cooling chambers for preservation; a hall for preparation and embalming the mortal remains.
  6. All supporting the repatriation documents are prepared in compliance with bilateral and international treaties.
  7. They are submitted translated into the official language of the receiving country.
  8. The Company is in contact with all foreign missions in the country and all Bulgarian diplomatic representative offices round the world.

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