1. Death certificate issued by a doctor
    (In case your GP shall not respond, the Agency disposes of such).
  2. Permit for cremation.
  3. In case your relative passed away in a medical establishment, the certificate and the coupon for cremation are issued by the attending doctor of the respective hospital ward.
  4. Identity card or passport of the deceased.
  5. Document, evidencing kinship between the deceased and the cremation applicant.

The following documents are required for placing the urn in old grave plot or in an urn vault:

  1. Receipt for paid grave plot or urn vault.
  2. Document, evidencing kinship with the first deceased and the current deceased
    (Certificate of Inheritance, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Baptism, Kinship Certificate or Martial Status Certificate).
  3. In case the deceased is not a linear heir, the agreement of all heirs is required after a model declaration from the technical office.

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